Understanding Insider Threat

We’ve been working in IT Security for the best part of 28 years and only recently have companies started taking the risk their employees creates seriously.  No organisation likes the idea that their employees could ‘go rogue’ or betray them for profit but the truth is people have been doing it for as long as staff turnover has been an issue.

Technical solutions to deal with the problem are only part of the answer – educating the board, training staff and proactive monitoring are all requirements to tackling the problem.

More and more companies are entering this space – ObserveIT,  SpectorSoft, Dtex Systems to name but a few – and this years InfoSec trade show in London lists ten companies under the Insider Threat category, versus two in 2014.

At Inside Intelligence we provide SME organisations with advice and assistance to evaluate the technologies on the market and implement an effective Insider Threat program to tackle the issue without alienating the workforce.  Insider Threat doesn’t have to be a problem,  it can be an opportunity to implement a Trust and Verify atmosphere in the organisation – loosening security controls and giving staff members more latitude to get their work done in a more open operating environment, without compromising on security.


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